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BTWRKS, Dante Rose, Nat James - The Motive

BTWRKS, Dante Rose, Nat James - The Motive

BTWRKS, Dante Rose, Nat James - The Motive
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  • Длительность: 2:03
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  • Опубликовано: 20 февраль 2023
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Текст песни
If you wanna know motive
I was the young kid tryna get noticed
Big underdog psychosis
But I been blessed with the vision in focus
Back then, I never been so hopeless
But I kept living with the faith in process
So ill, yet, no diagnoses
Thank God I had to make progress
It's all about mindset, bells ring when I see that driftin'
Been around and back to the point that I knew that I needed shiftin'
Cut off the man that would drag me down till I'm feelin' lifted
Like, ditch him, ditch him, ditch him
You won't ever see me switchin'
See, I been that dreamer
Setting that pace like I'm doing up FIFA
Innovate in the scene with the ether
Lift up the team like 'Follow the Leader'
How many years did I compromise to make deals on the side 'cause I got too eager?
Broke boy tryna get a feature
Now I get paid for the rhythm, it's leisure
Used to be so low
Reminisce, way back when I was alone
Got pain from a mindless decade ago
This wave I rode was out of control
Can't tell a boy ''Stick to the code''
If he got guilt living inside his soul
Man had to pray to God just to let it all go
We've been here before, if you know then you know
I was, way back when, locked in tryna look into the light
Sat up in court, were the darkest days and the coldest nights
Took one look to the Lord, said gimme advice
He told me ''Say no more, fam''
Now I'm looking at life, now I'm looking at life
Straight outside of the cells
On God, 'cause he paid that price, on god, 'cause he made that right
Buss case, I was never told why
Just, ''Boy, never be so blind''
Said you don't have to tell me twice